Mount Rokko, the Kitano Trick Art Museum, and Nunobiki Herb Garden.

The past month has been extremely busy with classes at work and exploring more of my new city. Despite things being so hectic recently, I’ve come to really enjoy living in Kobe. It’s such a beautiful and clean city and everyone who lives here dresses so nice. I originally wanted to live in Tokyo, but now that I’ve been in Kobe for three months I’m really glad that I wasn’t placed there. If I got placed in Tokyo, my apartment would have literally been a box and I would’ve had to pay so much more money. I enjoy my apartment now because it’s just enough space for me and it’s completely affordable. My favorite part about Kobe is being able to see the mountains everyday. There’s just something about seeing the contrast between the big buildings and the greenery in the background that I’ve come to really appreciate. I’ve been going on a lot of hikes in those mountains as well. There’s a waterfall really close to the Kobe bullet train station and some really nice viewing points for the city too:


FYI: these pictures don’t do either of the views any justice at all! One other interesting thing I’ve done recently is check out the Kitano Trick Art Museum. It’s a museum in the Kitano neighborhood of Kobe that has all these murals that act as illusions. You can interact with them and take some really weird pictures:

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My favorite thing I’ve done recently is buy a season pass for the Nunobiki Herb Garden. For 4,000 yen (around $40), I can go up to a flower and herb garden up in the mountains as many times as I want for the next year. There are cafes and shops up there too. The way you get there is my favorite part because you take a ropeway all the way up to the top and get a great view of the city, the waterfall, the dam, and other parts of the mountains. I know I’ll be going there a lot and probably bringing a good book with me because it was so peaceful up there. I tried some rose lemonade and this golden ice cream that was practically $10, but it was worth trying in my opinion.

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