I’m alive and (somewhat) surviving!

Friends and fam, now that I finally have internet I am going to try to post once or twice a week! These past two weeks in Japan have had a lot of ups and downs. The reality of it all didn’t really hit me until I was at the airport and had to say goodbye to my family, which ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I got to Japan and ended up having no internet in my apartment set up, so for an entire week I had to rely on public wifi spots to contact anyone.I have both Japanese and foreign friends in Japan at the moment, but none of them live in Kobe and without internet it was hard to contact them for help. I have never felt so isolated from the world in my life. It’s scary how much my generation relies on the internet and social media to communicate. We’re so connected in the year 2017 that not having internet for one week actually felt like an eternity. It made this transition so much harder because I couldn’t use google translate/maps to find out where I needed to go or help me read things. I had to go old school and use a map and rely on what I like to call “Cultural Charades.”

Kobe is actually a beautiful city and I am so thrilled to be only 10 minutes or so from the downtown area. I did a lot of walking around in the first few days so here are some pics:


The adorable Japanese barista wrote this on my cup on my first day. Starbucks was my safe haven for that first week (mostly for the free wifi).

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

One of my favorite brands is Obey, so I find it kind of ironic to see these Kobey stickers all over the downtown area. THEY GET ME HERE.


The Ikuta shrine is just as beautiful as it looks!

I spent my first full weekend in Osaka catching up with my Australian friend, Mitch, as well as some of my new coworkers that I’ve been training with. Of course we had to do all you can drink karaoke and scope out some new bars and restaurants. Some Osaka pics:


The famous Running Man in Dotonbori. It reminds me of a Japanese Times Square.


Over the second weekend, my new friends from work and I did a day trip to Kyoto and saw so many beautiful shrines, temples, and pagodas. Kyoto is one of the most breathtaking places I have even been to. It’s a must see destination if you ever come to Japan. The day was followed by a night out in Osaka where we hopped from bar to bar as usual.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My new friends/coworkers are an amazing group of people! They’ve been such a huge help with this transition and I’m extremely grateful for that. We’re a very diverse group that represent the UK, Canada, Australia, and of course the good ol’ USA. To be honest, I’ve hit a lot of roadblocks in these past two weeks, but things are getting better and better with each passing day. I’ve learned to appreciate the little victories and everything else will fall into place soon enough. Very excited for all of the places I’ll go, people I’ll meet, and whatever else this year has in store for me.

2 thoughts on “I’m alive and (somewhat) surviving!

  1. FINALLY ! A post and photos! I am so inspired by you and the courage & bravery you have in moving to an entirely new country. I can’t imagine how tough it must be, but the best changes in life usually are and getting through the hard parts is what makes it worth it. Make sure to hold on to the small victories of each day (sometimes the small ones are the big ones) and always remember your “WHY.”

    Looking forward to the next post!

    Best wishes,


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